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Two Head Giant

Saturday: July 13th @ 12:00pm


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Event Includes:

  •  1 Pre Release Kit
  • Each kit contains 6 Core 2020  booster packs



About this event

 $35 Entry fee per person
Time: 12:00 noon
Date: Saturday 13th
Each team will receive 2 Core 2020 Pre-Releases kits (6 booster Packs each)

16 Teams is the Max!
Prize: Winner takes all ( 1 Core 2020 Booster Box)
2 Booster Promo Packs

1 Premium Pack wil be rewarded to a random PLAYER

Rounds: There will be 3 or 4 Swiss rounds (not best 2 out of 3) based on the amount of teams. Each team will start with 30 life as they take actions as a team rather than individual.  Teams will  have 50 minutes to build a 40 card deck sharing each others card pulls.
There must be at least 8 teams for 1 Core 2020 Booster Box to be rewarded to the 1st place team. In the event if there are less than 8 teams, the 1st place team will receive booster packs divided equally between the 2 players based on the amount of entries.
**We encourage pre-sign ups, as this should sell out fast. 

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