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Birthday Parties

 Host your next birthday party or run your own video game tournament at Games For Us. We have a unique gaming room with very comfortable gaming chairs and plenty of tables for all your guest. Get your gaming on, with 8 custom Xbox ones paired with our lag free Astro professional gaming headsets. We have the latest games for the best LAN/Multiplayer experience in Wisconsin, from Fornite to Call of Duty. Want to play on the big screen and battle your friends in Super Smash Bros. or race around the track in Mario kart or even score a touchdown in Madden. We have several other games in our library, for some 1 vs 1  or 2 vs 2 matches.  Set up a date today!


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  • Magic the Gathering
  • Birthdays
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  • Video game console repairs
  • Scratch disc repair all media
  • tablet repairs (iPad)


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  • Arcade Machines
  • much much more.

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